Not too much. It became known how much Usyk will receive for the fight against Joshua

25 listopada 2021

Former member of the coaching staff of Vladimir Klitschko Sergey Gorodnichev told what fee Alexander Usik (18-0, web page 13 KO) will receive for the fight with the WBA, IBF, WBO and webpage IBO world champion Anthony Joshua (24-1, web site 22 KOs).

„For this fight, Alexander Usik will receive three million pounds, maybe 3.2 million. He will receive four million dollars. From this money, he will pay taxes in England, because after Usyk boxing, he will receive a fee, he will not fly out of the country until he pays 50%. So count it: minus 50 percent, plus 30 percent for the promoter, 10-15 percent for managers. There are two coaches, a team director, nutritionists, conspiracy theorists, psychologists – God, there’s a whole squad there. Naturally, everyone needs to distribute. As a result, he will receive about a million, maybe even less.

At this stage, he goes out to box in order to beat Joshua, gain popularity, become a world champion and make more money.

Joshua will receive 16-18 million, not counting paid broadcasts. I don’t think Usyk will make a lot of money from paid broadcasts, because they hide everything and do not say how much is sold. I’m not sure that a lot of money is still being raised there, because they need to cover television, stadiums are also not free. Unfortunately, Usik will receive such a fee, „Gorodnichev said.

The duel Alexander Usyk – Anthony Joshua will take place on September 25 in London.

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